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Mijn columns geschreven met een lach en een traan..!!


Tippeltje de mier

Mijn kindervehaaltjes van Tippeltje de mier en zijn vriendjes in het Toverhazelaar bos.


Gedichten en Korte verhalen.

Mijn gedichten en Korte verhalen.

Kort verhaal

Love conquers all,

On Red cliff a beautiful young girl looks out over the ocean.

The wind blows up her long white dress, and true her long blond hair.

She stand’s here every day, waiting for her lover to return.

But that one  day is different, she has lost all hope.

It’s dark, there’s a storm raging. The waves are hammering against the cliff.

She cries out his name and is overwhelmed with grief.

Then she blows one more kiss to the sea and spreads her arms like a bird.

She leaps to her dead and the sea swallows her broken body.

For her there is no more pain, the sea has taken another life.

The next day a ship sails into the harbor.

On deck stands a tall young man, he’s searching the shore for his lady in white.

He sees her and  blows a kiss at her.

Nobody seems to notice these two young lovers as they finally fall into each other’s arms.

From that day on you can see a tall young man and a beautiful girl in a long white dress gliding over Red cliff.

And when you try to take a closer look, they vanishes into thin air.

Because love conquers all……even dead.